Making the case, KC Royals free agents

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There are plenty of free agents available for the taking and the KC Royals even have a few to look over to see if they want to go another round.

Welcome back to Kings of Kauffman’s continuing series analyzing the major league free agent market and projecting who might, or might not, fit the KC Royals’ needs. Today we look at the Royals’ own free agents.

It’s a bit odd to cover the KC Royals in this series. Going through all of the free agents around Major League Baseball, it’s easy to forget that the Royals have some players of their own who are free agents and may require a second look by the team.

The reason it’s so easy to forget could be because there typically aren’t a lot of players who rise to the point that they should be brought back. Still, it’s important to take a look and see if the Royals should revisit any of their free agents and offer them new contracts, or move on to someone else.

According to the FanGraphs free agent tracker, there are only 5 Royals free agents and one of them, Kevin McCarthy has been signed by Boston. Glenn Sparkman is also not on the list, though, his release and move to free agent status is fairly recent. Still, there aren’t a lot to go through.

Interestingly enough, each one of the Royals free agents is a pitcher. The Royals are searching the market for some pitching depth, but it’s likely in their best interest to not revisit any of their current free agents pitchers except for one. But first, lets do a quick recap on the three to forget.