From Kings of Kauffman: Happy Thanksgiving KC Royals fans

KC Royals, Salvador Perez (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Salvador Perez (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

While Thanksgiving may look different for many KC Royals fans this year, we at Kings of Kauffman wanted to share what we are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, KC Royals fans! Many of you may be eating breakfast with family, preparing a big lunch, or just spending some time relaxing on this holiday. This year, Thanksgiving likely looks different for many of our readers.

Dinners may be smaller, or plans may have been canceled altogether. 2020 has been a difficult year, and while changing Thanksgiving could be tough for some, we at Kings of Kauffman felt it was still important to share what we are thankful for.

Shawn Bauman

I am thankful for my wife who doesn’t get my love for baseball or the Royals and why I feel the need to write about them but still allows me to. Grateful for all the behind the scenes people who helped make an MLB season but will never get credit for it. And lastly, for those who make Kings of Kauffman part of their Royals news and opinion sources – appreciate you!

Mike Gillespie 

In the midst of a pandemic, it might seem selfish to say I’m thankful for baseball and the Royals. But baseball helps provide some semblance of order and normalcy to an otherwise unordered, abnormal situation. Baseball, as it always does, gives us our beloved games in season, and during the cold winters without those games, offers unlimited opportunities to speculate about seasons to come and to enjoy Hot Stove conversations with good friends. For me, the game has always been a year-round affair; having it around when there are so many things so far from normal, and having the opportunity to write about and share my love of the game are among the things for which I’m thankful, together with family, friends, and my talented and dedicated Kings of Kauffman colleagues. Have a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday.

David Scharff

There is plenty to be thankful for, even in this dreary year. Family, friends, and health are among the top, but of course, baseball is also there. I’m thankful that there was a season, no matter how short, and that fans of the KC Royals and any team around baseball had something that, even for a moment, could take their minds off of what was happening around them and just experience some joy. I’m thankful for my wife who allowed me to watch just about every Royals game and even plan my schedule around them. I’m thankful for Kings of Kauffman, those with who I get to work and write every day, and for the platform I have been given to write about my favorite team. Last but not least, I’m thankful for every reader who comes to Kings of Kauffman for their Royals news and shares their thoughts and comments with us, even when we disagree. Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving!  

The one thing that brings us all together, and which we can all thankful for is the KC Royals. Without the Royals and baseball, there would be no amazing fanbase and group of readers, and we wouldn’t have Kings of Kauffman.

So, if on this Thanksgiving you are struggling to find something to be thankful for, be thankful for baseball, and know that we at Kings of Kauffman are thankful for you.

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Go enjoy some great food, family time, and any other Thanksgiving traditions or plans you might have. Have a wonderful, and safe Thanksgiving.