KC Royals: Edward Olivares is making his case for a spot

KC Royals (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals are at a point where they must determine who will stick around going forward. Their new outfield prospect is looking to be a good pick.

When the KC Royals started the 2020 season, there were plenty of questions about where the team would end up. While it may have been slim, there was a chance they would find their way to the postseason.

They also had some interesting additions to try out, such as relievers Greg Holland and Trevor Rosenthal. If these two could find success, maybe they would help launce the team forward or bring in some return at the trade deadline.

Now, with the season’s end drawing near, the Royals find themselves at the bottom of the American League Central and close to the bottom of the MLB. Some may see the Royals as tanking at this point to try and secure a higher draft pick, but as Mike Gillespie suggests, that’s likely not the case.

The Royals still have many of their pieces of value and while they may not have a remaining chance at the postseason, they should continue looking at what they have available and preparing for the 2021 season.

One promising prospect the Royals now have to take a look at is Edward Olivares. Olivares came to the Royals when they traded Trevor Rosenthal to the San Diego Padres.

Olivares made his way through the minor leagues and saw time at AA in 2019 but saw time in the majors with the Padres in 2020. He struggled to find his footing in the higher level of baseball, but that’s not too out of the ordinary for players making the transition.

Olivares came with the idea that he could be a strong outfield prospect with great speed helping him to have a good defense. He had also shown that he could make contact, though his plate discipline needed to continue to improve if he wanted to remain an everyday player at the major league level.

Now, Olivares is looking to make his case and show why the Royals brought him to Kansas City in the Rosenthal trade.

With San Diego, this season over 36 plate appearances, Olivares slashed .176/.222.294, with 14 strikeouts, 3 RBIs, 1 home run, 1 double, and 6 hits.

With the Royals, Olivares has slashed .364/.364/.545 with 6 strikeouts, 4 RBIs, 1 home run, 1 double, and 8 hits over 22 plate appearances.

There is an obvious difference in sample size, and both are incredibly small when looking at the long term. His ability so far at the plate, though, is promising. Olivares has managed to make some noise and has already proven that he is better than he showed in San Diego in even less time at the plate.

While it will take time for the Royals to see how Olivares will really play long term, he is starting to make a good case for himself to be a mainstay on the roster and a part of the future team.

The Royals have had time to see some of their prospects this season, along with some of their more experienced players. They should have a decent idea about where they stand and which spots need the most work. Luckily, with players like Olivares starting to show up, they shouldn’t have to look far for the needed improvement both on the field and at the plate.

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Edward Olivares is looking good for the Royals. While a larger sample size is needed to determine just how good he will be long term, so far, he looks to be a solid pick up from the trade deadline.