KC Royals: It’s time for Ryan McBroom to get more starts

KC Royals, Ryan McBroom (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Ryan McBroom (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals are in a difficult spot so far this season, but they might be able to make up some ground by allowing a better bat to see more time.

The KC Royals continue to show that while they have made some definite progress when looking back at their previous few seasons, there is still some work to be done. Pitching has come a long way and actually been a strength in many games, the defense has finally turned it around from a struggling start to the season, and the offense has gotten better as the season goes, though, it remains an issue.

The Royals seem to be finding themselves in close games, many by just one or two runs and recently holding a tie or lead, only to lose in late innings. While there is a pitcher taking a loss in these scenarios, a great deal of the blame this year is focused on the offense.

The Royals can’t hit with runners in scoring position and it’s obvious. Things have started to move in a better direction, with more hits coming in later innings, but there is still plenty of improvement to be made.

The Royals could see some progress, and maybe even make up some ground in the standings over the next few weeks, but they would have to shake up the lineup.

Players like Adalberto Mondesi and Alex Gordon are doing little to help the team win when it comes to batting.

Gordon has started to heat up lately, but he is still a struggling bat that could see some days off. Adalberto Mondesi is in a slump that looks as though it may never end. A few days off for him might do him some good as well. This all makes even more sense when thinking about the fact that the Royals have a decent hitter on the bench who has shown some good stuff at the plate this season.

Ryan McBroom was a late-season pick up in 2019 from the Yankees and one that looked as though it could be promising for the future. There was some question, though, about where McBroom would see the bulk of his time.

Ryan O’Hearn was thought to be the top pick for first base, and while McBroom could work the outfield as well, there isn’t much room there for anyone to get a lot of innings unless you are one of the everyday starters.

For these reasons, McBroom has seen more time starting this year on players’ days off and finding time pinch-hitting, which he has done incredibly well.

So far, McBroom has 3 pinch-hit home runs.

To add to that impressive stat, McBroom has played in 24 games with 58 plate appearances and has slashed .327/.362/.655 with 5 home runs, 3 doubles, and 9 RBI’s.

While the sample size for this season may still be considered small by some, dating back to the 2019 season, McBroom’s short time in the majors has been productive. He has shown he can hit, this year he has hit for power, and he has come through big time in high-pressure situations like pinch-hitting. It’s time that he gets his shot.

The questions still remain about where he would play, but with both Gordon and Mondesi struggling, the Royals wouldn’t have to look too far for a spot. Gordon can sit some games out. He’s heating up, but the veteran player would likely understand if he lost some playing time to a player who is hitting the ball much better.

Sitting Mondesi could open up some room as well if the Royals moved Nicky Lopez to shortstop and Whit Merrifield back to second. McBroom may not have the experience at center field that some players do, but it’s likely he could at least provide decent defense or cover in left while Gordon shifts over to center for some games.

There would have to be some moves and changes on the part of other players, but at this point, if the Royals want to be competitive over the next month, doing what they can to fit a good bat into the lineup will be crucial.

While only time will tell whether or not McBroom can maintain his success at the plate, his good numbers so far should be enough to get him more time in the lineup. It’s time for the Royals to see what he can offer long term and get him some regular starts.

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Ryan McBroom has been having a good season and slugging the ball well. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always fit into the lineup. It’s time for the Royals to find him some room.