Who’s hot and who’s not on the KC Royals Pt. 2

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1. Alex Gordon

The Nebraska native and fan favorite for many years has not played well at all and it is time for the Royals to get him out of the everyday lineup for some of the younger guys. Alex’s slash line in 21 games so far is .182/.260/.303 with an OPS of .563 which is abysmal.

What is even worse is the fact that Alex has not hit the ball hard at all this season with 14 hard-hit balls along with 2 barrels. Both of these have led Gordon to not slug the ball and when he makes contact he doesn’t get a whole lot on it.

This also shows in his flyball, groundball, and line-drive percentages which continue to show that Gordon isn’t as proficient a hitter this year. Gordon’s flyball percentage is 36.5%, groundball percentage is 44.2%, and his line-drive percentage is a low 19.2%.

With most of Gordon’s at-bats, he hits a flyball or a groundball and he doesn’t hit it hard or away from fielders which hampers the KC Royals offense. These statistics show that Alex is not the same batter as last year where he was at least league average in most stat categories.

This season has shown that Alex is a step behind and that a different player needs to take over in left field, and that means it is time for Brett Philips to get everyday at-bats.

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