KC Royals: Could fans be in the stands sooner rather than later?

KC Royals (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Baseball for the KC Royals, or any team, just doesn’t seem the same without fans in the stands. Could that change before the end of the season?

For the KC Royals, fans are an important part of the game. Fans are important in all ballparks. Unfortunately, they don’t get to enjoy going to an actual baseball game this year. It’s great to have live games on TV again and constant updates about team moves and how they are doing, but there is nothing like attending a game, grabbing a hot dog, and hoping that a fly ball comes your way.

Due to COVID restrictions, the only people catching fly balls this year are CGI fans and cardboard cutouts. While it’s now how most would like it, at least there is something there to fill the void along with some artificial crowd noises.

Is there a chance that fans could find their way into the stands before the end of the season though? Possibly, if some teams have their way.

It’s already a thought among other teams. The Reds are said to have put together a plan to allow fans to attend games and it has already been approved by the City of Cincinnati and the county. As for the Royals, owner John Sherman hopes that getting fans back into Kauffman can become a reality.

In a recent article, Sam Mellinger at kansascity.com talked with Sherman about getting fans back into the stands for games.

"“It’s well thought out and follows CDC guidelines,” Sherman said. “Whether or not we get to implement that plan, it’s really not in our control. But we’d love to have fans back here at The K. We’ve got to do it in a way that protects their health and safety and makes sure they are comfortable.”"

For the plan to work, there would be a number of things that have to be taken into consideration, but the Royals look to be on the ball. Sherman mentioned distancing while coming into and leaving Kauffman, as well as distancing once in the stands, restrooms, and concession line.

While it’s likely the capacity will be heavily decreased, at least there is a chance for some fans to see the action in person. For Sherman, it’s the fan’s he’s thinking about with this plan.

"“Fans are telling us they want to come back,” Sherman said. “So if we can do it for them and keep them safe, we’d like to do that.”"

It is out of the team’s control, but if enough teams propose promising plans, the MLB might just find a way to make things work and get fans back into the stands.

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It may be a longshot, but as long as everyone can stay safe, some fans may get to return to Kauffman to see a game during the 2020 season.