The KC Royals are continuing to work and hoping to play

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images) /

Though baseball may be on hold for the KC Royals and all of the MLB, there has been some movement in Kansas City to stay ready to go.

For KC Royals fans, the past few months have been fairly dull. This can likely be said for fans of sports in general as there hasn’t been much live or new content to be seen. There have been plenty of past events shown, and some more interesting sports, such as cornhole, shown on various channels, but nothing that fills the void of the on-hold sports.

For those following along with all of the news consistently coming out surrounding the status of baseball, it’s obvious that every time it looks as though the season is going to get on track, a few steps are taken back.

Talks have continued this week, but it seems each side is still recalling different details of meetings and agreements or lack thereof. While the hope is still alive that baseball will be played in 2020, there are moments where the hope dwindles.

For the KC Royals, though, the hope looks to still be alive. Whit Merrifield is one member of the team who has made it clear that he wants to be on the field.

Merrifield has been ready to play and continues to make statements showing this, even talking about how the business side of this may not be great, but that he still loves the game.

Now, fans have gotten a glimpse at some other players who seem to be ready to go. On Wednesday, June 17th, KC Royals social media shared a video of some players getting some work in on the field and taking batting practice.

Fans can see Alex Gordon, Nicky Lopez, and Bubba Starling each putting in their time. They also shared some photos from the workout, including one of Gordo looking ready to smash a ball out of the park.

While the Royals being back on the field for practice in no way signals the return of the season, it’s awesome to see some of the players putting in the work at Kauffman of all places. Keeping up with simulations and watching reruns fills the time for a while, but getting to see a new video of players in Kansas City is just what fans needed.

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While there is still no set date for the return of baseball and for our beloved Royals, keep checking in with the team through social media for updates like this one. It helps to keep hope for a season alive seeing some of our team favorites continuing to work.