KC Royals ready to look at non-drafted free agents

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Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images /

The KC Royals are in a prime spot to attract some non-drafted free agents, and while they may not sign a lot, they will definitely be shopping around.

The KC Royals have finished their picks in the draft and have brought a couple of position players, and a group of pitchers to the organization. While some of the picks may be questionable, it’s obvious the Royals are digging in their heels in regards to continuously drafting pitchers, and a lot of college arms at that.

Unfortunately for many players, though, the draft was a bit short this year. Not as many rounds means not as many players are getting picked up and will have to go about getting signed another way. Luckily for the Royals, they may be in a prime spot to pick up some top names that are still left floating around.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that the Royals would be standing by their minor league players during this lack of play.

Going along with the announcement was a statement from Dayton Moore that Alec Lewis shared, concerning the importance of minor league players to an organization.

Jordan Foote covered the importance of the relationships that the Royals build while scouting just a short time ago and how this should give the Royals an advantage when it comes to signing non-drafted players.

With plenty of non-drafted players needing to find a home, the Royals may be the first place that many stop. A few weeks ago, this may not have been the case though. A team with back to back 100 loss seasons and that is said to be in a rebuild is not necessarily the place where a player wants to start their career.

A place where an un-drafted player can go, be taken care of as a player, and have the organization stand with you, though, that’s somewhere that could be attractive to a young player wanting to start their baseball career.

Now, Jeffrey Flanagan reports that Dayton Moore has the go-ahead to sign plenty of non-drafted players as soon as they become available.

With John Sherman‘s blessing, it looks like the Royals could be receiving a new crop of players. Though Moore mentioned that there won’t be any “mass signings” that doesn’t mean there won’t be a good number of new faces in the Royals organization.

The Royal’s recent decisions and scouting tactics could be playing to their advantage, and after what seems to be a fairly successful draft, especially with the selection of Asa Lacy at number 4, the future of the Royals looks to be getting brighter and brighter.

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The coming weeks will be interesting as far as signings go. The Royal’s will likely be on the lookout for players that can help the organization progress on the road back to contention. Keep an eye out for updates on signings and get to know the new members of the organization.