KC Royals: Can Jorge Soler continue to play like a Hall of Famer?

KC Royals Jorge Soler (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
KC Royals Jorge Soler (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The Royals don’t have a long history of Hall of Famers through their ranks, but the MLB feels that one player recently had a HOF like season.

It’s not often that KC Royals fans hear about their favorite team or players when MLB Hall of Fame talks come up. There are some great players from the past who could arguably have made the cut, but as for recent players, it’s more wishful thinking.

It’s nice to think about players one day gaining that achievement, and which current players may be the most likely, but often it’s better to think about who will make the Royals Hall of Fame.

Fortunately for Royals fans, a player and the Hall of Fame did come up in the same article, though, in a different light than many may think. MLB.com posted an article that lists 30 players that played like Hall of Famers for 1 season. For the Royals, Jorge Soler is on that list.

Unsurprisingly, the one season that was listed for Soler is the 2019 season, MLB.com listing their key facts as his 48 home runs leading the American League, and being the first Royal to accomplish this feat.

Soler had an outstanding 2019 and finally developed into the player the Royals knew he could be. Fans had been waiting for what was supposed to be something special. Soler had been in the spotlight since coming over from Chicago after the Royals traded Wade Davis. Apparently, 2019 was finally the year to show that the trade was worth it.

Soler started off a bit rocky and struggled with strikeouts, but his power was there all the way. Finally able to stay healthy for a season, Soler played in all 162 games, slashing .265/.354/.569, adding 117 RBI’s, 33 doubles, and 48 home runs. Mainly sitting in the DH spot, he was a slugger like the Royals had never had before.

While the article in no way indicates that Soler is destined to be in the Hall of Fame, it could raise an interesting question about his chances if he continues to produce as he did in 2019. One thing that Soler has going for him, is that his “HOF like season” is his most recent.

He has the chance to continue moving forward and show that it wasn’t a fluke. Though, with the 2020 season getting off to a late start, that could hurt his chances or set him back again if he struggles out of that gate as he did in 2019.

As it stands right now, Soler is a far way off from being in Hall of Fame talks. But with continued seasons like 2019, he may improve his chances, and continue giving the Royals Hall of Fame seasons.

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Do you think Soler will continue to play as he did in 2019? Or will fans see some regression from him? Let us know in the comments.