KC Royals and New York Yankees rivalry through the years

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Despite never playing in the same division, the KC Royals and New York Yankees have developed quite a disdain for each other over time.

From their inception in 1969 through 2020, the KC Royals have either been parked in the American League West or Central.  There have been battles with the Oakland A’s, Chicago White Sox, California Angels, Minnesota Twins, and Cleveland Indians.  Yet none of these have topped the ire of a Kansas City fan like when they see the Yankees on the schedule.

Of course, New York is not a tough team to dislike.  Many teams take pleasure in beating the players in pinstripe jerseys.  Not only have the Yankees captured 27 world titles, but they and their fans are not shy about letting you know this.

Even when the Yankees are removed from winning or appearing in the World Series, it is an important date when they are on the calendar. For many years both franchises were at or near the top of their respective divisions.

Starting in the mid-1990s when payroll became more of a factor between the best and worst teams, the Royals headed into a long period of being non-competitive. The Yankees coming to town was still big with the big money versus small market battle cry.

New York also usually has a bevy of stars to rollout that fans want to see.  From Reggie Jackson, Don Mattingly, Rich Gossage, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Aaron Judge, and more, you may want to boo them but you also wonder what great performance they may put on for you.

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We will relive some of the great moments between these two clubs that helped build this rivalry.