KC Royals: Kennedy, Rosenthal help with COVID relief

Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images
Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images /

In a time of need for many, two KC Royals are stepping off the mound — and up to the plate — to provide meals for the youth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, with sports fans certainly included. Although the KC Royals aren’t on the field right now, some of their players are still managing to make an impact.

Veteran relievers Ian Kennedy and Trevor Rosenthal have recently joined the Home Plate Project, which raises money to help provide meals for kids in need. With schools being closed for the rest of the semester, many children are left without consistent breakfasts and lunches. The program has been around for nearly two years now and with over 50 players representing all 30 MLB teams, things are going extremely well:

Some may argue that sports are secondary in life. Following sports is a hobby, an interest, or a passion. While that may be true to an extent and other things are obviously more important, it’s a beautiful thing when the sport and the generous act outside of it come together. Athletes have platforms most of us simply couldn’t dream of and when they use those platforms for good, great things happen.

This is a perfect example of that. Who knows when the KC Royals will play next. While there have been some ideas thrown around by the MLB and the union, a return to baseball — or most other sports, for that matter — is far from a sure thing.

Until then, let’s all sit back and appreciate good people doing good things. Kennedy and Rosenthal may not be able to do what they do best for a while, but helping others in need may be even greater. In times like this, it takes generous souls to assist in keeping everyone afloat.

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Stay healthy, everyone.