KC Royals: What MLB realignment would mean for 2020 season

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Another potential solution that would bring baseball back has been talked about. What would it mean for the KC Royals in 2020?

As Major League Baseball discusses potential proposals that would bring the KC Royals back to our television screens, fans are anxiously awaiting the return of baseball. While they’ll have to keep doing so, at least some ideas are being talked about.

After it was revealed earlier this week that a possible Arizona-only regular season could be an option, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale shared that the MLB brought up something new. A realignment of the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues would shake up the entire baseball landscape for this season, but it makes a bit more sense than the previous concept.

Of the 30 MLB teams, 15 of them play spring training games in Arizona and the other 15 play in Florida. By splitting the leagues up and sending them back to their respective spring training sites, out-of-state travel would be eliminated and the pressure of fielding so many games in a finite amount of Phoenix-area stadiums would also be alleviated. Who would the KC Royals play against, though?

In the Northwest division of the Cactus League, Kansas City would be “rivals” with Milwaukee, San Diego, Seattle and Texas. It would be a unique situation and the Royals would no longer have to worry about the Twins, Indians, White Sox or Tigers — at least for the time being. Games would be televised, but held without fans.

Keep in mind that these are merely ideas. They’re not plans. Although a half-and-half split of teams would make the schedule more manageable, players would still be away from their families and teams would be held in relative isolation. It’s not an ideal set of circumstances for anyone involved.

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It’s a start, though. As additional solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on baseball are discussed, we’ll break down exactly what they could mean for the KC Royals here at Kings of Kauffman. Stay healthy, everyone.