3 KC Royals that will benefit from a shortened season

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While the pause of America’s pastime is not how we envisioned this spring playing out, it will be a benefit to some on the KC Royals.

When the suspension of spring training was announced less than a month ago we were all disappointed.  Of course, KC Royals fans understand the gravity of the situation and will wait this out as the country fights back against the health crisis.

As we look forward to the day we can worry about box scores instead of how many rolls of toilet paper we have left, there are some Royals players who will actually benefit from the extra rest.  Possibly it is to recover from injuries or to hit the reset button on a disappointing spring.

How short the season will be is still unknown and will depend on circumstances out of baseball’s control.  More than likely it would be June at the earliest and many suspect starting after mid-July would make it very difficult to even get in 100 games unless baseball play on until the end of the year.

It appears that players still have at least 2-3 months to prepare before any games will be played that count in the standings.  You can essentially wipe out anything that happened in February and March as that long of a layoff will kill any momentum or slumps that people were in.

"“Knowing that so many players are not even having any access to throwing at all or hitting at all, but most importantly just throwing, and probably limited access to just training and exercise, it’s hard to imagine we could get ready in less than four weeks,” Mark Shapiro told reporters. – foxnews.com"

We take a look at three KC Royals players who can benefit from this additional time off to prepare for a short season.