KC Royals: Delay is unfortunate but still necessary

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(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

All of us were looking forward to spring training wrapping up and regular season KC Royals baseball returning soon. It’s been delayed, but it’s for the best.

The KC Royals were slated to start their regular season in less than two weeks. That option is no longer on the table.

Due to concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, the MLB announced in an official statement that it is canceling spring training games and postponing the start of the regular season for two weeks at the minimum. This comes after other leagues such as the MLS, NBA and others announced they were suspending their ongoing play:

Just to be clear: MLB players would be okay in the event they contracted coronavirus. Their immune systems are strong and they often play through much worse. This delay was decided on in an effort to prevent the spread of it. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions are at-risk groups, so any measures taken to keep them safe are worth it.

Per MLB.com’s Jeffrey Flanagan, more information specific to the Royals is on its way. There will be a meeting held at noon Kansas City time to figure out what the next steps are for players and staff. Once that meeting is over and details are released, we’ll get a better picture of where players will return to and what the team plans to do in the interim.

It’s a bummer that season ticket holders — or really anyone planning on attending an early home game — will have to wait this out. It’s for the best, though. Keeping players, their families and others safe is the No. 1 priority right now, and stopping play for the next few weeks is the best option.

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Stay safe out there, everyone. We’ve got KC Royals baseball to watch — eventually.