The three KC Royals prospects that need promoted ASAP

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KC Royals
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The KC Royals franchise is in need of youthful injection to draw in fans and help combat an already difficult situation.

As the baseball world spins along with the rest humanity in dealing with the ongoing health crisis, the KC Royals must find a way to make this season engaging for the fans.  Instead of dipping into the well of veterans who are serviceable but not game-changers, initiating prospects into the big league world will make a positive difference.

What a perfect year to do it as it seems Major League Baseball will enact new rules that will require teams to play multiple doubleheaders and fewer days off.  The talk is at least starting with a 29-man roster and possibly carrying that throughout the season.  The need for more pitching and giving position players a rest will be vital.

Kansas City is not anticipated to be in the playoff hunt, in fact many pundits have picked them to finish last in the division.  Even if the playoffs expand to 10 or 14 teams, there is little chance that KC would be involved. No harm will done by giving young players important experience at the major league level.  It will prepare them for 2021 or 2022 when many expect the Royals will be competitive again.

There are plenty of bright spots in the minor leagues and giving a few of them a chance to shine or stumble on the big stage will lead to invaluable lessons.  It will also give the major league coaching staff more interaction with these prospects, something that was taken away when spring training was postponed.

With the 26-man roster in play, we take a look at the additional three players the team should bring up to the big league roster.  They are all prospects and they are on pace to be major contributors to the team in the very near future.