Top 10 starting pitchers in KC Royals history

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Along with rocking a sweet mullet, this pitcher was drafted and played thirteen of his fourteen seasons with the KC Royals.

His only season outside of Kansas City consisted of two starts with the Anaheim Angels.  Essentially, Mark Gubicza was with one franchise his entire career.  Drafted out of high school in the second round of 1981, “Gubby” first arrived in the majors in 1984.

For the first six years, he produced double-digit wins including a fantastic ’88 season in which he won 20 games, was an All-Star and finished third in Cy Young voting.  After 1989, however, Gubicza only produced one more double-digit win total and even spent most of 1993 coming out of the bullpen.

Even with all the success in the beginning, his overall record with the Royals was 132-136.  His career ERA was 3.91 and he did strike out 1,371 batters while wearing powder blue.

Some advanced stats back up Gubby’s inclusion on this list.  His Royals’ career WAR was 38.0 and he led American League pitchers in that category in 1988 with 7.7.  One thing was certain for hitters; if you played on teeing off on him you were going to be disappointed.  His career HR/9 was under 1.00 and three times he led the league.

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A Royals Hall-of-Famer, Gubicza definitely gave it his all every time he took the mound for the KC Royals.