KC Royals “StepUpToTheSink” for new challenge and show their skills

KC Royals (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Some KC Royals are doing their part to spread awareness for the importance of washing your hands, and they are looking good doing it.

With baseball on hold for the time being, KC Royals baseball news is a bit difficult to come by. Many fans may find themselves scrolling twitter or another social media site looking for even a hint of a roster change, some discussion with team management, or word of when some things may start to kick off.

Unfortunately, though, things have been pretty slow. There have been a few moves made, sending a few players back own to the minors. There have also been some statements put out by the team, just keeping fans updated on the direction of the organization and baseball in general during this tough time.

But, the best thing to do if looking for some entertainment from your favorite players may be to see what they are doing during their time off. Some are working out, some have been pretty quiet, and some, like Brett Phillips, are living their best life. 

Now, if following some in the Royals organization, fans may have been able to see some participation in the “StepUpToTheSink” challenge on twitter. The challenge has many people across twitter, not just Royals, recording themselves washing their hands and singing a song, explaining the proper way to wash your hands, or challenging more individuals to make a video.

Luckily for Royals fans, a few names that you might recognize have joined in on the challenge and made some great videos. If looking for a player, there is no better place to start than with Salvador Perez.

Steve Physioc also jumped on the challenge:

But maybe the best so far is the video from Rex Hudler. Rex participated in the video, but the spotlight was on his son Cade who showed off his skills for everyone to see.

While it’s not baseball and not even baseball news, it is still great to see videos like this starting to pop up more and more on the twitter feed. Proper hygiene and handwashing are always important, especially right now, and the Royals organization stepping up to help advocate for this cause is great and provides some much-needed entertainment.

There are plenty of other videos of people on twitter doing the challenge, so the entertainment doesn’t just stop with these few. Even better, players like Whit Merrifield and Brett Phillips have been challenged, and while they haven’t completed a video yet, fans can only hope they will soon.

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Continue to check up with the players and members of the organization as you wait for baseball to return. They often have some good updates on themselves that can provide even a small bit of joy.