KC Royals: Brett Phillips is handling life without baseball games

KC Royals, Brett Phillips (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Brett Phillips (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

Though the KC Royals won’t be taking the field in the next few weeks, one player is finding a way to enjoy life and fill his time without baseball games.

The KC Royals are unfortunately not playing baseball for at least a few weeks at this point. While it’s sad and difficult for many fans to handle, at least it is for me, it does provide a time to take a look at other things, like previous year’s baseball games, previous year’s stats, and what is going on with players during this off time.

Some players are sticking around playing pickup games to try and help provide some sort of entertainment while sports are away. Some are still at their respective facilities continuing to work out and prepare for the season, whenever it may resume.

But during this tough time, what may be more interesting to see is how the players are able to keep their spirits up. The players have all been working hard during the offseason to prove their progress or consistency, and it’s likely heartbreaking to hear that their season could be held off for weeks, or even longer.

Luckily for Royals fans, at least one player is finding a way to make the best of his time without baseball games and is enjoying life to the fullest. That player is none other than the high flying outfielder Brett Phillips.

The first sign of Phillips using his time wisely came on March 13th.

Phillips is fortunate in that he has a talent that may overshadow that of his outfield acrobatics. While he may not be diving and rolling to catch a ball on the track, his art is definitely a home run.

While the art was a good start, it wasn’t long before Phillips needed something else to fill his time. This time, though, he ensured to include some friends in on the fun.


After clearing out an empty church and finding some floor space, Phillips and his friends filled the day with plenty of enjoyment, including indoor volleyball, baseball (of course), some small court basketball, and an interesting pool noodle battle. (More videos can be found on the twitter feed for even more enjoyment.)

While it’s not a lot, Phillips has definitely provided some form of entertainment to get through at least a few days of this life without baseball. During the coming weeks and uncertain times, though, just remember to be like Brett and make the best of it.

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Fans can only hope that baseball will resume sooner rather than later, but it’s likely the official start date will remain unknown in the coming weeks as everything develops or declines. For some Royals comfort, though, check-in from time to time with the players through social media to see what they are up to. You might just find some entertainment.