3 worst contracts currently on the KC Royals roster

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For a wind range of reasons, there are player contracts on the KC Royals that are causing distress. We will take a look at three different situations.

Earlier, we pointed out three contracts that are great bargains for the KC Royals organization.  Now we look at which ones are not so fantastic deals.  It is not just the amount of money on the contract but other factors as well.

With a new owner in place and a new TV deal that will inject dollars into the franchise the hope among the fan base is that more money is allocated to improving the team starting in 2021.  In the last stages of a rebuilding phase and returning to competitive baseball, the Royals still need to be wise with the deals they make.

When you look at the overall payroll numbers, there are not many sore thumbs that stick out.  Currently, only three players will make over $10 million for the 2020 season.  It is safe to say the franchise is in no jeopardy of paying the luxury tax.

And it is important to note that having one of the top-five overall salaries overall in baseball does not mean you cannot be competitive and win a World Series (it does not hurt either).  Back in 2015, Kansas City was only 12-highest in the league and still brought home the title.


It is important, though, to sign reasonable contracts with free agents and to lock in young players not quite eligible for full-blown free agency to longer deals that cover at least the first two seasons of their chance to test the market.  The Whit Merrifield contract is a great example of that.

The following three contracts are based on different factors and at least one of them cannot be corrected this season.  It is possible to fix the other two and it would be wise for the KC Royals to do so.