KC Royals: Jorge Soler signed to contract, avoiding arbitration

KC Royals, Jorge Soler (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Jorge Soler (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals finalized some business on Friday afternoon with the 2019 American League Home Run King and the franchise single-season home run record holder.

As the offseason continued for the KC Royals, many fans found themselves asking a question similar to what Kings of Kauffman’s own Jordan Foote asked just a few days ago, “Where the heck is Jorge Soler’s Extension?”

As of Friday afternoon, fans finally have an answer to that question. While it looked as though Jorge Soler and the Royals would be entering the arbitration process to determine the 2020 salary for the designated hitter/outfielder the Royals announced they had come to an agreement on a one year deal. The deal has been reported to be over $7 million, with some attached bonuses.

Spotrac had estimated Soler would land around $11.2 million in worth for the 2020 season, making this deal look even better for the Royals.

While fans are likely not surprised by the contract for Soler, many may be surprised that it has come so late in the offseason. Soler was an obvious candidate for an extension, and one that many knew would be worth a fairly large contract.

After coming to Kansas City in December of 2016 in a trade that saw closer Wade Davis off to the Chicago Cubs, Soler struggled to find innings. He could not stay healthy and spent the majority of his time on the injured list. When he was able to play, he saw lower production than desired.

Luckily, Soler turned that around in 2019 and took the American League by storm. Struggling with plate discipline to begin the year, Soler found his groove and ended the season with a slash of .265/.354/.569, recording 117 RBIs, 95 runs, and leading the American League in home runs with 48, also becoming the Royals new single-season home run record holder.

While it may have been expected that Soler would be signed to a multi-year contract, the one year contract will likely work in both his and the teams’ favor. Soler gets a chance to prove just how much he is worth and drive up his price, and the Royals get to ensure that the breakout 2019 season is something that Soler can repeat.

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If Soler can again put on a show, it’s possible he will hit his way into a multi-year contract, and a future position with the KC Royals. One thing is for sure, though; Royals fans will get to enjoy another year of dingers and Soler Power.