KC Royals: Four players facing make or break seasons in 2020

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Kansas City Royals, Glenn Sparkman

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

There are players on the current Royals roster that should consider 2020 as possibly their final chance to show they belong in the big leagues.

The Royals had plenty of players that underachieved in 2019. There are some players that are just never going to be even average players in the majors. And there are those, such as Danny Duffy, that have proven their ability but struggle with issues of health and consistency.

The Royals also have young players for whom it is still too early to know what their ceilings may ultimately be. Nicky Lopez struggled mightily, at times, but he was also only 24 years old. He still has a few more chances before anyone should write him off. Similarly, Meibrys Viloria may have failed to impress with his opportunities in 2019 but he is just coming of age as a professional athlete.

2019 also showed us a few players who had reached the end of their opportunities. Jorge Bonifacio was once considered, by many, to be a future big leaguer. If he ever becomes one now, it will not be as a Royal. The Royals’ decision to move on to other prospects was a reasonable one.

The windows are small for these young athletes to show their ability and earn a spot in Major League Baseball. Many players never truly get a fair shot to show their value at the highest level. In 2020, we will watch a handful of players who may be playing for their last opportunity.

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