Royals: Three biggest gaps to fill for the 2020 season

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Kansas City Royals
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While the Kansas City Royals have some positions locked down, others are a little more up in the air as the team tries to put the pieces together for 2020.

Though their record may not show it, the Kansas City Royals have started to figure some things out. The 2019 season was one many fans likely don’t want to remember, but there were some positives that show the team is making progress in their rebuild.

The offense the Royals put out in 2019 showed a great amount of improvement. While they did get into slumps where they were unable to put up numbers, there were a lot of times they really showed up. The biggest struggle for the offense was trying to keep up when the pitching was often giving up a large number of runs.

Defensively, the Royals were good as usual, but they saw a lot of movement around the field. With players either getting injured or just not producing as the team had hoped, Kansas City had to constantly try new things and players out at different positions.

While this isn’t as big of an issue for a team that is consistently deep defensively, some positions suffered, and the 2019 season really showed where the team was hurting the most. During the current offseason, the Royals need to ensure they look to correct the issues they’ve seen.

While some free-agent acquisitions could definitely help, there are some positions that really just need a full-time player to be named, instead of a constant rotation of players filling in as needed. A lot of the pieces are there, the Royals just need to finish the puzzle.