Royals: Pitchers that could start 30 games in 2020

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Kansas City Royals, Ned Yost
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Pitching was a struggle for the Kansas City Royals in the 2019 season. There may be some pitchers returning, though, that could eat some innings in 2020.

Anyone who watched the Kansas City Royals in 2019 knows that pitching was an issue. There were some pitchers who really showed up and had moments throughout the season that instilled some confidence, but overall, the Royals found their weakest spot on the team.

As there were some Royals that put together decent seasons, it is very likely that fans will see a lot of familiar faces in 2020, both in the rotation and in the bullpen. This may not be what fans want to hear, but it is likely the Royals will try to find a few reclamation projects in the free agency, instead of going after big names for an immediate fix.

Some of these could pay off for the Royals. Homer Bailey and Jake Diekman put together decent 2019 seasons and earned some respect on the mound, but many of the other free agency acquisitions didn’t pan out so well for the team.

If the Royals are going to continue using pitchers that are already on their roster, they need to focus on fixing some key issues. One of those issues is control. Royals pitchers gave up a lot of walks in 2019 and let the games get away from them quickly, giving their offense no chance to keep up.

Another issue the Royals must work on is having a set rotation and bullpen. The Royals saw a lot of movement in the bullpen and rotation in 2019 and while many of the pitchers kept struggling, if they continue to move around and get no consistent time, it’s likely the struggles will continue.

There are some players already on the roster that, as long as they can stay healthy, could give the team needed innings and play a full season, giving the Royals the needed consistency on the mound.