Royals: Where the team led the way in the 2019 season

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Kansas City Royals
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As the rebuild continues, some Kansas City Royals players led the way in certain categories showing promise and giving fans hope.

For many fans of the Kansas City Royals, the years following the 2015 World Series run have been fairly dark. Beloved players have left the team, the race to the playoffs have turned into attempts to not lose 100 games, and the organization and fans have fully accepted that the Royals are in the midst of a full-blown rebuild.

While a rebuild for a small market team after going all-in for a World Series is no surprise to most, many would have hoped for a few more years of decent baseball. It’s difficult to be a fan sometimes during rebuilds. It’s not that one’s love for the team has disappeared, but when a team continues to lose, the games become dull and repetitive.

Thankfully for Royals fans, there were some reasons during the 2019 regular season to keep turning the games on. While the losses continued to pile up, the Royals started doing some things right. Offensively, the players were hitting well, and doing what they could to stay in games. The pitching, on the other hand, struggled greatly and kept them out of games.

The Royals offense, though, should be proud of how far they have come in the rebuild. While there are still areas where they struggle, as a team they are starting to grow and drive in runs, allowing them to be more competitive.

This article will go through some of the areas where the Royals really shined in 2019. Some of the categories will be well known to fans, while others might be just a little less conventional. Either way, a Royal on top is the way it should be.