Royals: Where the team led the way in the 2019 season

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Kansas City Royals,
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Home runs became a regular sight for Kansas City Royals fans who welcomed the power-hitting with open arms.

It can be assumed that most Kansas City Royals fans know about the power and hope that Jorge Soler brought to the team in 2019. Soler was almost automatic at the plate and he soon became a legitimate candidate to make history for the Royals.

Soler was an interesting case to begin the year. He had struggled to remain healthy in his previous seasons and was hoping to show Royals fans that he was well worth the trade. He started off the season fairly slow, causing fans to wonder if it was worth playing him so often, or if another player should be given a chance.

The one consistent number Soler was able to carry through the year, though, was his slugging percentage. Rarely did he dip below .450, and through much of the season, he kept his slugging above .500, ending with a .569.

Soler definitely showed fans why he was worth it and as the year went on, he began to improve in all of his numbers at the plate. Soler was able to show why he was picked up in a trade that saw the Royals send off Wade Davis.

Soler led the way for the Royals in 2019 by not only breaking the Royals single-season home run record of 38 but in leading the American League with 48 home runs in the regular season, becoming the first Royals to accomplish this feat.