Kansas City Royals: 3 reasons team shouldn’t move downtown

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Kansas City Royals
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There have been rumblings that under new owner John Sherman, the Kansas City Royals could relocate to downtown KC. How could that be a bad decision?

First and foremost, the Kansas City Royals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The lease the team has with Kauffman Stadium doesn’t expire until 2031. For at least the next 12 years, the only way to watch the Royals in-person will be to drive out to The K and do so.

With that said, the organization is undergoing an ownership change. In late August, David Glass reached a $1 billion deal with Kansas City native John Sherman to sell the club. Sherman has spoken highly of the downtown area, causing many to assume he’d be interested in potentially moving the team there.

As a whole, the Royals are in a transitional period as an organization. Ned Yost has retired, forcing the club to go hunt for a new manager. Once that skipper is hired, he’ll be tasked with developing young players that will (hopefully) turn into the next championship-level core. Heck, even Dayton Moore’s future with the team is uncertain.

Because of so many things being up in the air, it’s natural to wonder whether or not a change of location could be on the horizon. While on the surface this may seem like a cool idea to some, there are also some obstacles standing in the way. What are a few reasons moving downtown may not be the best idea?