Kansas City Royals: 3 qualities needed from next manager

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The first task that John Sherman will have as the new owner of the Kansas City Royals is to find a manager. Here are three qualities needed in that guy.

For the first time since the 2010 season, the Kansas City Royals will have themselves a new manager when the 2020 season commences. Ned Yost announced his retirement on Monday with the intention to take at least a year off, away from baseball to enjoy his family and his farm. Certainly, no shame in doing so and he’s earned it.

Yost took over early in the 2010 season for Trey Hillman after the Royals started 12-23. I think what struck me most about Yost’s retirement speech on Tuesday afternoon was when General Manager Dayton Moore stated that prior to Yost’s arrival, the organization as a whole was struggling mentally.

Those wins led the Royals to an appearance in the 2014 World Series and climbing the ladder the following season. As World Series Champions, the Royals had an excellent mix of young talent combined with help acquired in free agency and through trades. Yost and Moore did what they could under an owner who was historically known for pinching pennies wherever he could.

Now comes the time to write a new narrative for this organization. The Kansas City Royals are often referred to as a small market team but you wouldn’t think so given how rabid the fanbase is. John Sherman is set to become the new owner of the Royals in November and his first task will be to set the foundation of the future and establishing a long-term manager.

While some names are already floating around out there, Sherman and Moore need to take their time and finding the right guy. If they feel that guy is already within the organization, great. But I certainly hope that they do their due diligence in finding the next manager. Let’s take a look at the three qualities that the Royals need to have in their next manager.