Kansas City Royals: The 2019 MLB Pipeline organizational rankings

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Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images /

The time has come. MLB Pipeline has released the Kansas City Royals organizational rankings for the 2019 season.

By releasing today it means that the Kansas City Royals prospect list is not in the top 10 in the league. That is not surprising. When the top 100 released, Brady Singer was the only player in the system to crack the list.

This is a system on the rise, Jonathan Mayo himself tweeted that. They are a system bound to get stronger thanks to the Royals standing with the second overall selection in the draft. Here is the 2019 list.

New Faces

Meibrys Viloria is the highest ranking newbie at 19. He boasts a plus arm and showed his ability with the bat. In 100 games with Wilmington he hit .260 from the left side. He is even on the 40-man roster, which gave him 27 at bats at the MLB level last year.

The second new face is a pitcher by the name of Yohanse Morel at 20. With his addition, all three members of the Kelvin Herrera return package are now considered top prospects. Morel makes due with a plus fastball, along with a changeup and a slider that are above average.

A name that is not new to our readers is Arnaldo Hernandez as a player to keep an eye on this Spring Training. He checks in at number 27, and he is likely to make his Kansas City Royals debut this season.

Sebastian Rivero is the third catcher to make the Royals top prospect list at 28th. He fits the mold of both Viloria and MJ Melendez as a defensive minded, strong armed backstop. On top of that he hit .258 with Lexington.

The final new face to the top prospect list Gerson Garabito at number 29. He has an above average fastball that has him drawing comparisons to Hernandez in his profile. Last year was spent at Wilmington with a 3.16 ERA.


The top two prospects, Singer and Khalil Lee did not change. After them there are some changes that work and might not age so well.

It is good to see Melendez gaining some respect on the top prospect list. His glove has always been good, but the Kansas City Royals 2017 second rounder showed more with the bat last season.

Nick Pratto recently became a top five positional prospect, and he is number five on the Royals list. This is barely a jump from last year. He is a pure hitter who is showing a ton of promise as a potential middle of the order bat in the future.

Out of the entire list, it is good that the guy checking in at number 30. Jonathan Bowlan dropped six spots and barely cracked the top 30 for the Kansas City Royals. That is fair considering his tough inaugural season.

This year his a prime bounce back candidate. He talked with Kings of Kauffman recently, and there is something different about him. Bowlan wants to be better for his team, and now he will get a chance to show what he can do in his first full season. Last year he was throwing after a long college season.

The Kansas City Royals do not have the strongest farm system in the world, but they are trending upward. There is a strong core growing in the farm system right now that will help carry this team in the future.

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We will dive deeper into each and every prospect on this list in the future, so keep an eye out for that. This is a Kansas City Royals group of prospects that is pretty good, and getting better by the year.