Kansas City Royals: The Royals Have a Logjam at First Base

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Cheslor Cuthbert

The Royals at one point had Cheslor Cuthbert as the positions backup behind Dozier. They started moving Cuthbert around to allow for his bat to be in the lineup, playing 74 games total at first base between the minors and majors.

Again though, that is someone who does not have a lot of experience at the position. Cuthbert is a third baseman that the Royals are trying to move to other infield positions, similar to Dozier. The only catch is the team seems a bit hesitant to use Cuthbert consistently.

As much as I want for 2016 to be the real Cuthbert, I do not know how other people feel about him within the organization. Him being at first base will most likely be the last resort, so maybe it will be a good thing if we do not see him playing at first consistently.