Kansas City Royals: Door May Not Be Closed For Moose Reunion

SAN DIEGO, CA - JUNE 11: Mike Moustakas
SAN DIEGO, CA - JUNE 11: Mike Moustakas /

The Kansas City Royals are off a solid start this Spring. Of course, the fact remains that it is just that…Spring. The team still has plenty of holes that Dayton Moore and Ned Yost are determining how to fill. Could an old friend be in the mix?

Once free agency began it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Kansas City Royals top free agents would move on to other organizations. The team was two years removed from their World Series runs. They had overspent for those seasons in an attempt to return to the playoffs. Cutting payroll and rebuilding the roster with young talent only made sense.

Except, now it is March 3rd and one of the “Core Four” remains unemployed.

The Kansas City Royals single season homerun leader Mike Moustakas is still without a team. While it may be a longshot, according to Brian Kinney of MLB Network, Dayton Moore appears willing to discuss a reunion with the All-Star third baseman.

The key aspect of that tweet would be the word “underwhelming”.

Even though Moustakas’ agent, the infamous Scott Boras, may find the Kansas City Royals offer underwhelming – the fact is, it is an offer. It appears at this point as if those are things that are not rolling in for Moose.

There have been speculations that the divisional-rival Chicago White Sox and interstate-team St. Louis Cardinals would have varying degrees of interest in the 29-year-old Moustakas.

Would it be wise to let the fan favorite slip away to either of these teams?

If Moore likes what he sees out of his club so far in Spring Training, and he believes the Kansas City Royals are not too far off of competing in an overall weak Central Division, then keeping Moose in the fold could make sense.

I for one never expected Moose back in powder blue. I also never expected Alcides Escobar or Lucas Duda to be here either. Yet the Kansas City Royals longtime shortstop and the former New York Met first baseman are here.

Are they taking playing time from prospects that need it? Yes. So if the team is not committed fully at this time to players such as Adalberto Mondesi and Hunter Dozier (the presumed players that would occupy short and first at the beginning of the offseason) then limiting reps for Cheslor Cuthbert should not become an issue either.

So why not let the Moose loose in Kansas City once again?

A three year deal with a team friendly cost would not be the worst contract that Moore has ever given out.

The fact remains that Moustakas is an above average third baseman (let’s just stop the talk of him shifting to first of DH now) who has power and is in the prime of his career.

Then there is also this:

Congratulations to the Moustakas’! I am sure locking down a job for 2018 would only make the offseason even better.

The longer Moose remains on the market, the better any type of contract has to start looking. The question becomes would he rather take an “underwhelming” offer to return to a place he is comfortable or to go elsewhere?

I think it is safe to believe that we will find out very soon.

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So tell us what you think Royals fans. Should the Kansas City Royals push to bring back Moose? How do you see it affecting 2018 and beyond if they do? Sound off in the comments below!