Kansas City Royals: The First 2018 Projected Lineup

KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 14: Salvador Perez
KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 14: Salvador Perez /
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With the Royals going through a facelift, it was only a matter of time before lineup projections started. While looking at the projections, the emotions and feelings about the 2018 Royals are conflicting.

Earlier this week, Jeffrey Flanagan of MLB.com released an article that gave the projected lineup of the 2018 Kansas City Royals. We all know the Royals are going to be in a rebuild, the extent of the rebuild is still uncertain though. However, knowing that a rebuild of some kind is going to happen we are going to see a very different product on the field. When looking at this projected lineup it is hard not to think about the beginning of the first rebuild in 2011.

Here is what the projected lineup is.

A lot of the players you will find have a high ceiling that may not be fully achieved, while others have shown positive and negative consistency throughout their career. Before making opinions on whether this lineup is good, okay, or bad let’s take a closer look.