Predicting Landing Spots for Kansas City Royals Free Agents

KC Royals, Lorenzo Cain, top Royal 2015(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Lorenzo Cain, top Royal 2015(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /
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Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals /

There has been a relentless amount of rumors swirling around lately about where the Kansas City Royals free agents will end up this offseason. Here we try to guess where those players will wind up.

It’s all speculation at this point, as players can’t even file for free agency until the World Series ends, but it is interesting to think about which players the Kansas City Royals may try to bring back.

I wrote an article in September in which I went through the Royals payroll for 2018 and predicted how much money they would have available to spend on free agents. I concluded that with the $50 million in Disney cash, plus other factors, that the Royals absolutely have the money to bring back Eric Hosmer—should they decide that’s what is best for the organization.

Earlier this summer, I wrote a similar article in which I theorized: If the Royals could find a way to move some of Alex Gordon‘s money around, they might even be able to bring back Hosmer AND Lorenzo Cain.

While it’s true that the Kansas City Royals would have to move some money around in order to re-sign two of their big free agents, I think there’s a chance that could happen in light of recent events.

In an article written by Sam Mellinger of The Kansas City Star, Sam talks about Dayton Moore’s willingness to aggressively purse Hosmer AND one more of the team’s other big free agents.

The other option then—if they can’t get any of the free agents—would be to just gut the entire team and start over from scratch.

I have an opinion on which of these is more likely to occur, so let’s dive into some landing spots for the Royals free agents to see if we can’t get to a conclusion.