Kansas City Royals: Sixth Postseason Picture Update

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 10: Brandon Moss /
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Kansas City Royals
KANSAS CITY, MO – SEPTEMBER 10: Brandon Moss /

The Kansas City Royals saved their season with a pair of weekend wins. They also helped keep several other teams in the Wild Card race. Here’s what it means at this stage of the season.

The Kansas City Royals continue to confound fans. One day the season seems over; the next day this team seems destined for one last postseason ride.

This past week saw a fair mixture of both. Standard fan reactions went like this:

  • Monday: Good win but we almost blew it.
  • Tuesday: We suck. Season over.
  • Wednesday: There’s the offense. Bring on the Twins.
  • Thursday: Ned Yost and Kelvin Herrera are garbage.
  • Friday: RIP 2017 season. Good run.
  • Saturday: That was an unexpected win. Good job.
  • Sunday: Holy crap. We’re still in this thing.

Thus is the life when your 71-71 baseball team is the epitome of inconsistent.

For now, the Kansas City Royals are in decent position. Hanging around in the Wild Card race with three games coming up against the White Sox? Sign me up. Four games at Cleveland, though? Season over. Pack it up.

Who knows where the Boys in Blue will be next time around. But that’s why they play the games, and that’s why we keep putting these postseason updates out there.