Kansas City Royals and the 2017 Trade Deadline

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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The Kansas City Royals will be sending Salvador Perez and Jason Vargas to the Mid-Summer Classic. Mike Moustakas will also be in Miami for the Homerun Derby (and the game now as well). While it is great to once again have multiple team representatives at the All-Star Game let me be honest with you.

These Kansas City Royals will undoubtedly represent their team and fan base well. However, now that there is no significant meaning attached to the game, there just doesn’t seem to be as much to be excited about. My gut tells me that MLB will go the way of the NBA and NFL. I expect this exhibition game will see players “putting on a show” with no real competitiveness.

That may be a rant better suited for a different write-up.

What the break means for this writer is that we are one step closer to the MLB trade deadline. All hail the madness that will ensue. I love the whispered rumors. The talking heads and their hypothetical deals take up my spare time, which my wife loves. (Is that how you use the sarcastic font?)

In the early part of the season it appeared that the Kansas City Royals would set the market from a seller’s perspective. They were terrible the first two months of the season. Add in all the soon-to-be free agents on the roster and the perfect storm for selling was brewing.

A hot June and start to July has changed the narrative. The Kansas City Royals are squarely in the playoff hunt. Let’s speculate about what the 2017 trade deadline could look like for Dayton Moore and company.