Kansas City Royals: Who Will Sign an Extension Next?

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Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

Lorenzo Cain

Seemingly anywhere Lorenzo Cain goes, so goes Salvador Perez. The two Kansas City Royals teammates appear to have a better relationship than I have with my fiancée. In fact, they may have a better relationship than I do with anything, excluding Russian imperial stouts. So, one would hope that Perez signing an extension will mean that Cain will follow suit in the next year or two.

Pros: If we thought the 2014 season was a breakthrough for Cain, then last year was his true coming out party. His power developed, as he hit a career best .307/.361/.477 with 16 home runs and 34 doubles. He continued to play his Gold Glove caliber defense in center, and finished third in the 2015 AL MVP voting. Even though the narrative about the Royals is that they succeed without a superstar, Cain certainly looked the part last year.

Cons: Is there another level to Cain’s performance? As he is going to turn 30 at the start of the 2016 season, one has to wonder if he can stay at this level going forward, or if the expected regression will happen. Should Cain regress, and perform at his 2014 level, is that enough to warrant a long term extension?

Verdict: Even if Cain ends up being closer to his 2014 self than what he was last year, that is still a valuable piece for the Royals. His defense and speed make him a solid fit for the team, and his relationship with Perez cannot be quantified. The key will be whether or not Cain can remain healthy. If so, he may be the next player that the Royals look to keep in Kansas City.

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