Kansas City Royals All-Time Worst 25 Man Roster

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Oct 8, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; A general view of the tarp over the field during a rain delay in game one of the ALDS between the Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It is easy to think back to the glory days of the Kansas City Royals and imagine what the All-Time Best franchise would look like. What about the opposite, the All-Time Worst that the Royals had put out on the field?

When thinking back on the Kansas City Royals, one will naturally want to gravitate to the glory days of the mid 1970’s through the mid 1980’s, or the recent run of success that the franchise has had. That span in between, where the Royals were cutting costs and simply looking to turn a profit, were a time that few of us look back upon fondly.

Yet, without those struggles, the victories of recent times would not be as sweet. Yes, the World Series championship would still be enjoyable, but it means more after the times in the darkness, when the Royals were an afterthought in baseball.

That same premise can apply to the Royals All-Time Great roster. One cannot have the greats without having the opposite, the very worst that the Royals had to offer. With that in mind, let us take another trip down memory lane, albeit one that may not be as enjoyable, as we look back at the All-Time Worst Kansas City Royals 25 man roster.

First, we look back at a few dishonorable mentions.

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