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Outfielder – Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon may have had one of the better careers that does not receive a lot of attention. He is one of eleven players to have over 2500 hits, 500 doubles, 100 triples and 200 home runs. The other ten happen to be in the Hall of Fame. Yet, for those accomplishments, Damon’s career was rather underappreciated.

Damon had just started to tap into his abilities when he was traded from the Kansas City Royals. In 2000, he led the American League with 46 stolen bases and 136 runs scored, but was sent to Oakland due to concerns about his rising salary. Overall, Damon finished his tenure in Kansas City with a .292/.351/.438 batting line, hitting 65 home runs and 156 doubles while stealing 156 bases.

Defensively, Damon was not exactly the best center fielder. He was considered to have cost his teams 28 runs during his career with his play in center, but he was above average in his limited time in right and left. Damon also had years where he saved ten runs in center (1997) and 14 runs in left (1999). He may not have been stellar defensively, but Damon was not entirely useless in the field either.

Johnny Damon saw his career truly get on track when he left the Kansas City Royals, but he was still a solid player for them in his own right. That production, and ability to play all three outfield spots, would certainly earn him a place as a reserve outfielder.

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