Kansas City Royals: Odds of Re-signing Key Free Agents

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Alex Gordon

We all know the saga of Alex Gordon. He was supposed to be the heir to George Brett, the next superstar to lead the Kansas City Royals back to relevancy. Instead, after a few flashes of brilliance, Gordon struggled, being sent to Omaha in 2010 to learn another position in hopes that he could resurrect his flagging career.

Gordon did exactly that, becoming the best defensive left fielder in baseball while hitting his five tool potential. Not only has Gordon become a perennial Gold Glove winner, but his ability to slot anywhere in the lineup makes him a truly unique player. His .271/.377/.432 batting line with 13 home runs and 18 doubles last season, while solid, is not exactly spectacular either. However, he is a perfect fit for the Royals.

With Gordon being that solid player whose best asset is his defense, it will be interesting to see how he is viewed in free agency. One GM has stated that he feels Gordon would likely get a three year contract worth between $36 to $38 Million, while other projections see him as likely to receive a five year contract worth close to $100 Million. The realistic market for Gordon may be somewhere in the middle, which would still make for an interesting decision by the front office.

Gordon wants to stay in Kansas City, and the Royals have stated their desire to keep him in the fold. However, the largest contract that the Royals have ever given out is the five year, $55 Million contract that Gil Meche signed prior to the 2007 season. To retain Gordon, the Royals will likely have to go far beyond that amount.

Alex Gordon will not have the same impact on another team as he does upon the Kansas City Royals, and he may even be willing to take a bit of a discount to remain in the fold. Depending on the market that Gordon finds in free agency, that discount may not be enough for the Royals to retain his services. Gordon’s free agency will certainly be interesting to watch.

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Odds that Alex Gordon remains with the Kansas City Royals: 50%