Kansas City Royals Might Not Need to Break the Bank for Alex Gordon


With the Kansas City Royals heading to the World Series, one of the last things that anyone likely wants to think about is the team’s impending free agents. Yet, when this season does end, the Royals will have quite a few decisions that they will need to make when it comes to the composition of the 2016 roster.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing decisions that the Royals will need to make will involve Alex Gordon. While Gordon does hold a $12.5 Million player option for the 2016 season, it is universally expected that he will turn the option down. Then, the Royals would likely seek to give him a qualifying offer, which is also expected to be turned down.

This expected outcome would leave the Royals in the unenviable having to bid for Gordon’s services on the open market. While his overall stat line may not jump off the page, Gordon’s solid blend of power and speed, along with his ability to work a count and his stellar defense in left, certainly would make him an attractive option. It is also thought that, should Gordon get to free agency, the Royals would not be able to retain his services.

However, the dialogue that the Kansas City Royals cannot afford Alex Gordon as a free agent may be completely overblown. David Glass displayed a willingness to open the vaults, and statements have indicated that the Royals will do anything they can to retain Gordon’s services. Well, according to Nick Cafardo, that cost to keep Gordon may not be anything to break the bank.

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Based on the general managers that Cafardo spoke with, there is the thought that Alex Gordon may only be in line for a three year contract worth $36 to $38 Million this offseason. Should that be the case, where his market is much lower than had been expected, the Royals star left fielder may find his best option to remain exactly where he is.

Even though Gordon is extremely valuable to the Royals, it may be understandable that his market in free agency would not be the same. Other teams may not value Gordon as much as Kansas City, especially as, aside from his defense, Gordon does not possess one truly elite skill. While Gordon fits perfectly with the Royals, would he be that key piece elsewhere?

The answer, as it would seem, is that Gordon’s value may not be as high elsewhere. With at least one opposing general manager stating that Gordon might not even reach $40 Million in total in his next contract, it would seem quite likely that the Royals will keep their Gold Glove outfielder for a few more years.

There is still quite a bit of time before the postseason, and a lot can change before and during free agency. However, if other general managers feel the same way about Alex Gordon, he may remain with the Kansas City Royals for the foreseeable future.

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