KC Royals: Kings Of Kauffman Talks 2015 World Series With The Happy Recap (Mets)


Kings of Kauffman co-editor John Viril (me) talked about  the KC Royals and the 2015 World Series with the guys from TheHappyRecap.com, a New York Mets bulletin board and blog talk radio podcast.

Obviously, I want the Kansas City Royals to take the title that eluded them last season. But, talking to EJ and JB from The Happy Recap was a lot of fun. You can tell in about two minutes that those guys flat out love baseball, which meant we got along famously.

Chatting with them gave me a lot of insight in how both how Mets fans view their team, and how they see the KC Royals.

Of course, every fanbase has their fan-colored glasses (including us). Trying to sort through that is part of the fun. You can hear The Happy Recap podcast below, titled: Know Thy Enemy.

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I don’t appear on the program until the 29:00 minute mark, in case you only want to hear the Kansas City Royals talk. However, I’d recommend listening to the whole program. It’s interesting to see what Mets fans think.

For example, The Happy Recap guys are convinced they have a massive edge in starting pitching and that first baseman Lucas Duda looks on the verge of a strong run. We look at the Mets and see them carried by a trio of young starters in Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard.

The Mets fans think they have four young aces, including lefty Steven Matz.

I must confess, I’m jealous of how many of their young pitching prospects blossomed into major-league staters. It’s scary to think that the Mets lost Zack Wheeler to Tommy John surgery this season, which means they have yet ANOTHER young arm that could rejoin the rotation in 2016.

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EJ and JB, however, from The Happy Recap, don’t give the KC Royals contact hitters enough credit (IMHO). Though they’re very AWARE of the KC lineup’s ability to put the ball in play, they cite the fact that the Mets pitchers are not just hard throwers but support the heat with good off-speed “out” pitches as a reason why the Royals well-known ability to hit fastballs might not apply against their starters.

Of course, KC Royals fans note that the Kansas City Royals lineup doesn’t let the count get to two strikes in order to avoid “out” pitches.

Hey, that’s why they play the games. Otherwise the arguments would never end.

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