Kansas City Royals: A Look at the Postseason Picture


The Kansas City Royals fell to Chicago Cubs last night 1-0 in their makeup game at Wrigley.  Meanwhile, the red hot Toronto Blue Jays, who fell behind the Orioles early 3-1, got two runs in the 8th and one run in 9th to win 4-3.

That meant that the Jays have a 1 game better record in the AL over the Royals.  But since the Jays hold the tie breaker with the Royals, the Royals will have win two more than the Jays to close out the season to have home field advantage throughout the American League playoff bracket.

Toronto is five up on the Yankees, as they are close to winning the AL East.

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Both the Jays and Royals have 6 games left; the Royals with 3 at the White Sox and 3 at Minnesota, while the Jays also have 6 more road games: 3 with the O’s and 3 at Tampa. If the Royals don’t catch the Jays, they would play their first series against the AL West division winner.

In that race, Texas has a 1 1/2 game lead over Houston and a 2 game lead over the LA Angels.  In the loss column, it is 2 over both teams. The Rangers may have an advantage right now, but anything can happen over the final week of the season.

Looking at the AL Wild card, it looks like the Yankees are likely going to get one spot with Houston a half fame up over the Angels and 1 1/2 over the Twins.  So, right now the wild card matchup would be between the Yanks and the Astros.

In the National League, the Mets and Cards have secured division championships with the Pirates and Cubs being wild card teams.  The final position will be probably be the Dodgers, as their magic number is  down to 2, ending the Giants’ reign as MLB champs, a fate that none of the Kansas City Royals fans will bemoan.

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