KC Royals Trying To Keep The Party Going Past 2015

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Aug 20, 2015; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts (2) is out at second base by Kansas City Royals second baseman Ben Zobrist (18) during the third inning at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Zobrist

I think Ben Zobrist is the one of the three rumors most likely to lead to an actual deal. Zobrist will be 35 next season, and unable to command a long-term contract. At best, he might land a three-year contract like Carlos Beltran did with the Yankees.

His career offensive production is quite similar to Alex Gordon, except he won’t be able to command the years that Gordon will. As such, a Zobrist deal will carry far less risk for the Kansas City Royals if his performance tails off. And, Zobrist’s age will also knock down his per year average as well as his contract length, due to increased likelihood his production falls.

Zobrist has a reputation as a strong defender, but is unlikely to come close to Alex Gordon’s premier performance in left. In fact, KC Royals fans have already seen that he’s just not A1 in the field since Zobrist has been filling Gordon’s left field spot since he came to the Royals in July. But, Zobrist makes up for his inability to match Alex Gordon’s Platinum Glove prowess with versatility. He can play every position around the diamond except catcher, even premium spots like short and center.

A team with Zobrist will have the flexibility to turn the DH slot into a rotating position, since since every position besides catcher will have a strong back-up. While that possibility isn’t a huge immediate concern since Kendrys Morales is signed for 2016 (at a very favorable price), it does help to make Zobrist more appealing.

Add all of the above to the fact that Zobrist has mashed the ball since coming to Kansas City (.330/.412/.534 with four home runs), and I think a Zobrist return is highly likely. I can see Ben Zobrist getting a three-year deal at around 38 to 40 million.

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