Kansas City Royals: Looking at Forever Royal Candidates

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Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez is already locked into what may be the most team-friendly contract in baseball currently, as he still has four more years at a combined $17 Million before he could become a free agent. While three of those are team options, it is seemingly unthinkable that the Royals would not pick them up.

Perez, meanwhile, has come to realize what all of us already knew – that his contract is an incredible bargain. Naturally, at this point, he is looking to get another extension, one that would be a bit more lucrative than the one he is currently under.

The Royals, for their part, are willing to meet with Perez and his agents, as they would want to keep their All-Star catcher happy.

Even though his plate discipline is an obvious concern, there is no denying that Perez is one of the best catchers in the American League.

His defensive presence is enough to virtually eliminate the running game, and he appears to be in the midst of putting a stranglehold on the Gold Glove award.

He has emerged as a true leader in the Royals clubhouse, one whose enthusiasm is truly infectious.

While Salvador Peres has only been with the Kansas City Royals for three full seasons, it is difficult to imagine the team without him and his Gatorade showers during post game interviews. Hopefully, this will be a reality we never have to face.

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