Kansas City Royals Are Moving Kyle Zimmer Back to Rotation


Kyle Zimmer‘s fragility has been well noted. In the four years that he has been a member of the Kansas City Royals organization, Zimmer has missed time each season due to a myriad of elbow and shoulder injuries. It was fair to wonder if Zimmer would ever tap in to his tremendous talent, and what his role would be.

Thus far in the 2015 season, Zimmer has worked exclusively as a reliever. This switch over into a relief role has certainly gone well for Zimmer, as he has truly excelled thus far, producing a 1.39 ERA and a 1.052 WHiP, striking out 41 batters in his 32.1 innings of work between Wilmington and Northwest Arkansas.

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Given his injury woes, it may be that Zimmer would be better off in the bullpen. The move to relief has, thus far, gone well and pitching fewer inning may keep Zimmer healthy. However, that move to the bullpen, despite how well it has gone, is not going to be permanent, at least for now. According to Paul Boyd of the Northwest Arkansas Gazette, Zimmer’s time as a reliever may be over shortly.

This move back to the starting rotation, when it occurs, would be an excellent sign for Zimmer’s potential future. Having held up as a reliever, and even as a closer for the Naturals, this move back to the rotation is the next logical step in Zimmer’s progression. Should he hold up, and succeed as a starter, Zimmer may even make his debut with the Kansas City Royals this year.

Could it be that, with the Royals potentially having an opening int he starting rotation next year, that September could be Zimmer’s audition? Much like how Yordano Ventura received three starts down the stretch for the Royals in 2013, could Zimmer get a couple of outings to attempt to build towards staking a claim in the rotation the following year?

The Kyle Zimmer Watch has officially started. If Zimmer does well and stays healthy, we may get to see him with the Kansas City Royals by the end of the month.

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