Kansas City Royals Could Benefit from Alex Gordon’s Injury


If there is to be a silver lining to Alex Gordon‘s groin injury, it would seemingly be that the injury occurred prior to the trade deadline. Now, as the Kansas City Royals know that Gordon is likely to be out of the lineup until September, they can focus on finding someone to fill in until Gordon can return to the lineup.

There may also be another benefit to the Gordon injury. Coming at the time that is has, Gordon will have approximately a month, not including any possible postseason games, to prove that his strained groin is healthy before his expected trek into free agency. As a player who will be 32 prior to the start of the 2016 season, Gordon’s performance, and health, could have a major impact upon his free agency.

We all know what Alex Gordon is. He is a four time Gold Glove left fielder with arguably the best outfield arm in the game. Since his breakout season in 2011, Gordon has averaged a .282/.360/.453 batting line with 17 home runs and ten stolen bases. While he is the heart and soul of the Royals, for most teams, Gordon would simply be a nice all around piece for the lineup.

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It was expected that Alex Gordon would command a large salary in free agency, likely beyond what the Kansas City Royals would be able to afford as they seek to keep the core of their roster together. However, with this injury, Gordon may see his contract offers lowered. If that turns out to be the case, the Royals may be in a better position to retain their star left fielder.

There is no questioning the value that Alex Gordon has to the Royals. His defense in left, and his ability to hit virtually anywhere in the lineup help drive the Royals bus, as Uncle Hud would say. Would that value be the same for any other team?

Alex Gordon’s groin injury is a huge blow to the Kansas City Royals in the short term, but it may turn out to be a benefit for the Royals over the long haul. If teams shy away from Gordon based on his injury, the Royals may well be able to keep the face of the franchise.

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