Kansas City Royals Rewind: Lorenzo Cain Continues to Amaze

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Guthrie

Heading into Jeremy Guthrie’s start on July 3rd, the Kansas City Royals had lost four consecutive games. In the midst of a series against the Twins, the Royals needed Guthrie to come through and put an end to the bleeding.

He did exactly that. While Guthrie did not factor in to the decision, he allowed only two runs on five hits and a walk in his 7.2 innings. Guthrie struck out four batters, and continued to prove that he is that steady veteran presence that the Royals need in the back of their rotation.

Seemingly every time there is a pitching move to be made, Guthrie is expected to be the one to lose his slot in the rotation. Yet, for the most part, all Guthrie has done over his past few outings is give the Royals quality innings while churning out inning after inning, letting the bullpen rest.

Jeremy Guthrie may not be the most exciting pitcher, and he may drive fans of the Kansas City Royals insane at times, but he was excellent last week. These are the types of outings that the Royals need from Guthrie going forward.

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