Kansas City Royals Need Your Votes for the All-Star Game


Slowly, the dream of having a Blue Mid-Summer Classic is drifting away. Where there were once eight members of the Kansas City Royals in the starting lineup for the All-Star Game, now only five remain. Last week, Eric Hosmer had been passed by Miguel Cabrera; this week, that same fate has befallen Mike Moustakas and Kendrys Morales.

Surprisingly, of all the members of the Royals to remain in the lead at their respective positions, Omar Infante is still ahead of Jose Altuve for the start at second base. His lead is tenuous at best, as Altuve is a mere 231,708 votes behind. Meanwhile, Nelson Cruz is only 204,905 votes ahead of Morales to start as the American League designated hitter.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the best the Royals may be able to do is to get six starters. Moustakas is approximately 1.4 votes behind Josh Donaldson, while Hosmer is over 2.5 Million votes behind Cabrera. It would take quite an effort by the Royals faithful to vote either player into the starting lineup, especially since voting ends on July 2nd.

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That upcoming deadline, while it hurts both Moustakas and Hosmer, could also help other members of the Kansas City Royals. Infante does not exactly have a large lead over Altuve, so all he needs to do is hold on for a couple more days. Likewise, one final push by Royals fans could be enough to slide Morales back ahead of Cruz for that designated hitter spot.

Two and a half days may not seem like a lot of time, but in these close races, that can be an eternity. Imagine being Infante, waiting to find out if he is going to make his second trek to the All-Star Game. Or Morales, who has never been to the Mid-Summer Classic. Let us do our parts to help these players get to Cincinnati for the All-Star Game!

If you have not voted yet, now is the time. The Kansas City Royals players need your votes – now get out there and help make a difference!

Link to All-Star vote: 2015 All-Star ballot

[Note: you can vote up to 35 times for each unique e-mail address. MLB can invalidate votes of multiple e-mail addresses from the same IP address]

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