Kansas City Royals Rewind: Omar Infante Looks Like an All-Star

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

2. Salvador Perez

How hot was the Kansas City Royals offense last week? Seven of the Royals regulars batted over .300, and Alex Rios just missed the mark, producing a .294 batting average. The one regular who was not close to that mark? Salvador Perez.

Yet, that does not mean that Perez was not a factor for the Royals. His .240/.240/.360 batting line was not exactly stellar, but he did hit a home run while providing his usual solid defense. It just happened that, as the rest of the Royals lineup found their groove, Perez struggled slightly.

It is, however, comforting to see that Perez did hit a home run last week. This gave him eleven home runs on the year, making it possible that Perez has finally unlocked his raw power potential. Now, if only he was able to be a bit more selective at the plate, waiting for those pitches that he could send into the fountains instead of waving at breaking pitches low and away.

While it was not a horrendous week by any stretch of the imagination, Salvador Perez struggled compared to the rest of the Kansas City Royals lineup. There is nothing to worry about here.

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