Kansas City Royals Open Letter to Baseball Fans


Dear Baseball Fans,

First, let us begin by thanking you for the outpouring of support last October. Back then, when the Kansas City Royals were that plucky baseball team that did not know they did not belong in the postseason, they became the darlings of baseball. Their run through the American League was delightful, and when the Royals fell one game short of winning the World Series, we appreciated that commiseration.

Then, things changed this season. Perhaps that was because the Royals were expected to fade back into irrelevancy, to be that team that was somewhat of a doormat and a feeder system for teams like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. You know, those teams that most of the universe seems to feel deserve to be in the postseason every year, as though it is a right granted by the baseball gods.

The only problem was, no one told the Royals they were supposed to go away. Instead, they continued to crash the party, jumping out to a fast start and drawing the ire of those same people who supported them through their excitement and emotion. Those same traits that made the Royals such an endearing team now made them vilified and ‘arrogant,’ although that exuberance could help draw a younger fanbase back to baseball.

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Now, the latest reason why the Kansas City Royals have incurred the wrath of the baseball collective involves the All-Star Game. When the results first came out, five Royals were in the starting lineup. “Cool,” we thought, “The Royals will have a couple of starters. It will be nice to see that once again.” However, you responded with vitriol and anger, claiming that we were making a mockery of the system and somehow stuffing the ballot box as some sort of Blue World Order conspiracy. And maybe Area 51 is not in Roswell, but located under Kauffman Stadium instead.

So, we raised the stakes a bit higher. Eric Hosmer and Kendrys Morales passed Miguel Cabrera and Nelson Cruz to be the starters at first base and designated hitter, respectively. Only Omar Infante and Alex Rios were not in the starting lineup, and they both were one spot away. The anger and the outrage continued, so you have left us with no choice.

Now, Infante is ahead of Jose Altuve in the starting lineup. While it is unlikely, perhaps Rios will surpass Mike Trout to give the Royals a full team to start the All-Star Game. As it stands, the idea of watching the Kansas City Royals, featuring Mike Trout, take on the best that the National League has to offer is certainly appealing. This holds double due to those claims that we are making a mockery out of the game. Yet, it was perfectly acceptable for the corpse of Derek Jeter to be an All-Star. Maybe we can get Trout to wear a Royals cap for the team photo….

Well, baseball fans, too bad. If you do not like the results, go out and vote. That is all that we are doing, and we certainly will not apologize for voting the Blue Ballot. The All-Star Game is an exhibition, regardless of whatever importance Bud Selig tried to put upon the game, with the starters voted in by the fans. As much as you may hate to admit it, the Royals do have fans as well.

After almost thirty years of being a team that had become synonymous with failure and ineptitude, the Kansas City Royals made their way back to the postseason. Now, much to your chagrin, we are not going anywhere. Get used to it. Otherwise, Ned Yost may need to make Wade Davis the starter for the game just to further fan the flames of summer of your discontent.

See you for the All-Star Game!


The fans of the Kansas City Royals

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