KC Royals Prospect Kyle Zimmer is Injured Yet Again


In our lives, there are very few things that are certain. We have death, taxes and the knowledge that the Cubs will never win the World Series. That is about all that is certain in life at this point. However, KC Royals prospect Kyle Zimmer may be changing that.

You see, as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, Kyle Zimmer is injured once again. This time, he removed himself from his outing on Saturday when he experienced tightness in his shoulder. Yes, yet another shoulder issue for Zimmer, bringing this to the second consecutive season that he has missed a large portion of the year due to that troublesome shoulder.

This injury comes on top of Zimmer missing a portion of the 2012 season due to having bone spurs removed and part of 2013 due to bicep tendinitis. Now, Zimmer’s shoulder issue appears to be the injury that will not go away, as he was shut down for most of 2014 due to this ailment before being shut down during the Arizona Fall League. Now, the shoulder has led to Zimmer being shut down three separate times this year.

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At this point, it is no longer news if Zimmer is hurt. Given his ability and the flashes of brilliance that he has displayed when healthy, it is truly unfortunate that Zimmer being healthy is far more of a newsworthy story than his latest ailment. However, that is the reality for Zimmer at this point, as he is rapidly falling from being one of the top pitching prospects in baseball to a gigantic question mark for the Royals.

As we find ourselves in the midst of the MLB Amateur Draft this week, Kyle Zimmer’s struggles just underscore the volatile nature of prospects. Even with all of the scouting and homework being done, one never knows what will happen with a young player, and that especially holds true when drafting pitchers. After all, Zimmer was not even close to being considered an injury risk when he was drafted.

Perhaps Zimmer is just having a slight issue with his shoulder, and will be back in the next week or two. Yet, given Zimmer’s track record, and the fact that this is the fourth time that his shoulder has bothered him in the past year and a half, it would not be surprising if he missed far more time.

Once again, Kyle Zimmer is injured for the KC Royals. At this point, no one should be surprised.

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